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types of ceremonies

Regardless of your religion, we will guide and help you during the organization process. Civil weddings, religious weddings or symbolic ceremonies. We will make sure that you live your day to the fullest and that you do not have to worry about anything.


Civil weddings are legal in Spain only if at least one of the two parties is a Spanish resident. From WhiteWeddingAndEvents we recommend non-residents to celebrate their civil wedding in their country and subsequently enjoy the wide variety of options that the Balearic Islands offer to celebrate a wonderful wedding ceremony. This ceremony can take place in any of the beautiful and romantic locations in Mallorca. If you will have a religious ceremony or a symbolic rite.


The law allows non-residents to celebrate a Catholic wedding in Spain as long as at least one of the bride and groom (couple) is a Catholic. We have a very good relationship with excellent English and German priests in Mallorca, who will be delighted to collaborate so that the celebration of your marriage is absolutely perfect. Non-Catholic couples, such as Protestants, can marry in practically any church on the island. The only condition is that they have previously held a civil wedding in their country of origin.
As an example of a proposal we invite you to experience a ceremony of light of candles. This ceremony symbolizes life together in a mystical way. To carry it out, two identical candles are required, which represent the bride and groom, and a larger one that symbolizes the common life project that you are about to start. First you will light the two smaller ones and later the larger ones, creating a flame that will represent your new life together.


Marriage is in essence a union of souls for love. That is why more and more couples are encouraged to do this type of symbolic wedding without legal significance. We have a thousand magical ideas for your wedding to symbolize your love deeply.
We are also experts in vow renewal ceremonies.