The law allows non-residents to celebrate a Catholic wedding in Spain as long as at least one of the bride and groom (couple) is a Catholic. We have a very good relationship with excellent English and German priests in Mallorca, who will be delighted to collaborate so that the celebration of your marriage is absolutely perfect. Non-Catholic couples, such as Protestants, can marry in practically any church on the island. The only condition is that they have previously held a civil wedding in their country of origin.
As an example of a proposal we invite you to experience a ceremony of light of candles. This ceremony symbolizes life together in a mystical way. To carry it out, two identical candles are required, which represent the bride and groom, and a larger one that symbolizes the common life project that you are about to start. First you will light the two smaller ones and later the larger ones, creating a flame that will represent your new life together.